What is the importance of wearing a mask at work?


Do you know why it is important wearing a mask at work? In today’s world, mask wearing is a vital part of disease prevention. While this is primarily due to the emergence of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of protective masks to prevent the spread of other viruses as well.

However, despite the fact that in recent months many regions of the world and Canada have eliminated the mandatory use of masks in different spaces (especially outdoors), it is still a sign of responsibility to comply with wearing a mask at work. 

This allows companies to comply with health and hygiene standards to ensure the well-being of their employees and customers. Wearing a mask at work shows others that you are doing your part to help maintain overall safety.

In that sense, it is also essential that workers use good products approved by Health Canada. Our Quebec-made, reusable mask complies with all professional certifications to give you peace of mind.

In what situations is it essential wearing a mask at work?

Although wearing a mask in Quebec is no longer mandatory according to the CNESST, there are certain types of work in which the use of protective masks is necessary.

For example, employees who are in contact with the public in one way or another. These are some of the cases where wearing a mask at work should be considered:

  • Workers who work in an environment with a high risk of disease transmission, such as a hospital ward or clinic. This includes not only health professionals but also receptionists, security guards, among others.
  • When working in an environment where you are in direct contact with other people, such as supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, commercial premises, bars, restaurants, etc.
  • Wearing a mask at work is of utmost importance in an environment where employees share work equipment and tools. For example, workshops, offices, gymnasiums, etc.

What are the benefits of wearing a mask at work?

These are some of the reasons why you should comply with wearing a mask at work:

  • Reduces the risk of contagion of diseases among employees: wearing a mask at work is ideal to prevent the spread of diseases, as it prevents saliva, sweat and body fluids from being dispersed among people working in the same space.
  • Responsibility to customers: Another reason to wear a protective mask at work is the confidence it conveys to customers. If people notice that they are dealing with a business or office that cares about avoiding contagions, they will be safer and more relaxed.
  • General hygiene: beyond virus prevention, wearing a mask at work is also a means of general hygiene. This applies especially to jobs such as restaurants, food factories and distributors, the hygiene industry, etc.

As you can see, the use of masks brings benefits. In addition, although it can often be uncomfortable, there are many options for comfortable masks and accessories to make it more bearable. 

An example of this are the adjustable cords and ear savers offered by Etrëma. Keep in mind that all our products are environmentally friendly, so they are an ideal option for you and your employees or coworkers to not only comply with the rules of hygiene but also contribute to the care of our planet.

If you are interested in our masks, please contact us!

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