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IMAGE-Compilation etrëma_ENG_ EN14683_type_IIR_V4-2023 F-10 may 2023 - LOW REZ
EN- graphic comparaison WORN masks leakage tests - LOW REZ


All models of etrëma masks hold the HEALTH CANADA Establishment License for medical devices-MDEL Approval #22723

For workplaces in Quebec

All etrëma masks models comply with the performance required by the standard
EN 14683: 2019 IIR type*. This standard is among those required by the CNESST/INSPQ for masks to be used in workplaces and care settings in Quebec.

*Purchased since 2021 and not exceeding 100 washes.



GENERAL NOTES : 1 μm = 1 micrometer representing one millionth of a meter. The diameter of human hair is between 17 μm and 181 μm.

BREATHABILITY: The smaller the numbers in the results, the better the air permeability.

CAUTION: These masks are not respirators. They should not be used in case of: Pulmonary or laryngeal tuberculosis and measles. Washing a disposable surgical mask reduces its filtration efficiency on fine (submicronic) particles by 40 to 70% through the destruction of its electrostatic charge and its protection against fluids. Washing disposable masks releases millions of nano- and microparticles of polymers into the water. Moreover, the chemicals that make these masks resistant to fluids and pathogens can be dangerous to human health and environment.

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