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Our masks are ranked among the most effective in Quebec and  in Canada. Washable and reusable many times, 4-layer multilayer with integrated filters, etrëma ® high performance masks meet 100% of the IRSST’s highest criteria. To date, we are one of the few companies in Canada capable of manufacturing a washable barrier mask that offers filtration (65% or more), breathability and protection against small particles spraying superior to the recommendations of the Research Institute Robert-Sauvé in occupational health and safety (IRSST), the laboratory mandated by the government of Quebec. Note: in comparison, a procedural mask offers 80% filtration and regular (homemade) fabric masks between 5% and 25%. For more details on the performance of the mask, see the table below.

After 100 washes, the combination of materials still maintains a minimum efficiency of around 65% or more for all particle sizes between 20 nanometers (nm) to 2 micrometers (µm), which is the threshold recommended by the IRSST for manufacturing of barrier masks.

The pressure drop (resistance to flow) is greater than that of the reference material and is between the normative limits of level 1 and 2 masks. This mask also has a pressure drop in accordance with the recommendations of the IRSST for making barrier masks, ie, less than 11 Pa.s / cm.

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