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In the current context of the pandemic, wearing a mask has become essential for protection and safeguarding others. Reusable masks in Quebec are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable masks.

Among the numerous companies offering reusable masks, Etrëma stands out for its product quality and innovation. Discover why Etrëma’s reusable masks are the best in Quebec.

Environmental Responsibility

Using reusable masks contributes to environmental protection. Disposable masks, often made of plastic, generate a significant amount of waste that takes centuries to degrade.

In contrast, reusable masks are made from eco-friendly and durable materials. 

By choosing a reusable mask in Quebec, you contribute to reducing plastic pollution and preserving our planet.

Cost Savings

Purchasing a reusable mask in Quebec represents a higher initial investment compared to disposable masks. However, in the long term, using reusable masks leads to significant savings.

A reusable mask can be washed and used multiple times, significantly reducing the cost per use. Etrëma’s reusable masks are designed for optimal longevity, allowing you to quickly recoup your investment.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a reusable mask in Quebec is simple and quick. Etrëma’s reusable masks can be machine or hand washed using a mild detergent.

It is recommended to wash them after each use to ensure optimal protection. Thanks to their innovative design, Etrëma masks air dry quickly, allowing you to reuse them as soon as possible.

Comfort and Fit

Etrëma’s reusable masks are designed for optimal comfort while providing effective protection. Their soft and breathable materials allow for long periods of wear without discomfort.

Additionally, these masks feature an innovative adjustment system, ensuring a perfect fit on the face, regardless of its shape and size. This way, you receive maximum protection without sacrificing comfort.

Stylish Design

Etrëma offers a diverse range of eco-responsible masks in Quebec, featuring original and elegant designs. The patterns and colors available allow you to choose a mask that reflects your personality and style.

Local Manufacturing and Supporting Quebec’s Economy

By choosing a Etrëma reusable mask in Quebec, you also support the local economy. The masks are made in Quebec, ensuring rigorous quality control and adherence to environmental standards. 

Moreover, by buying locally, you contribute to job creation and the development of Quebec’s textile industry.

Effectiveness and Safety

Etrëma’s reusable medical masks provide effective protection against viruses and bacteria thanks to their advanced filtration technology. The materials used in manufacturing these masks are tested and approved for their ability to filter airborne particles.

By opting for a Etrëma reusable mask in Quebec, you are guaranteed optimal protection for yourself and those around you.


Etrëma’s reusable masks are the ideal solution for combining protection, comfort, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. Thanks to their manufacturing quality, ease of maintenance, and adaptability, they represent a profitable and sustainable investment for protecting yourself and others.

Don’t hesitate, and discover the complete range of Etrëma’s reusable masks in Quebec today.

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