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The presumptions of impacts of plastic pollution on human, animal and even plant health were very heavy, but this is the first time that a pathology formally related to its ingestion is described scientifically. And all indications are that this new kind of disease is just the beginning of a very long list of harms from the plastic that saturates the entire planet. By Antoine Palangié Young and adults, they

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INNOVATION An Eco-Friendly Medical Mask: A Global First From Frëtt Solutions

A Gaspésie SME has developed a medical mask that can be washed a hundred times and retain its fine particle filtration capacity—an innovation that will open the doors to the global market. Our team is very pleased to be supporting this innovative company during its development phases. We spoke with Frëtt Design and Frëtt Solutions founder, Michelle Secours, to shed some light on her success and her organization’s challenges. Frëtt Solutions is the eco-efficient

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FROM CRAZY FOR PLASTIC TO SICK WITH PLASTIC: Yes! It is possible to protect ourselves while protecting the Planet

ICAM 2023’s Educational Sessions Hello again, We are particularly glad that you consider our presentation THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE FIRST REUSABLE MEDICAL-GRADE MASKS: THE MOTIVATIONS OF FRËTT SOLUTIONS in your ICAM-CIMU 2023’s Educational Sessions Schedule. The International Congress on Academic Medicine 2023 (ICAM-CIMU) Québec City Convention Centre (1000 Bd René-Lévesque East. Québec City, Québec, Canada, G1A 1B4) SATURDAY the 15th of April at 3:00 PM Room # 308A (Educational Sessions

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Etrëma masks are not only extremely protective, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The other thing that distinguishes them from traditional reusable tissue masks is the recognition of medical authorities.  When you put something on your face to protect yourself from a virus or a toxic aerosol, it’s better to be really sure that it will do the job… Giving users assurances of safety and quality is the role of certification, the

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Masques bleus poubelle- Photo- Marine Ernoult-compressed


Photo Credit : Marine Ernoult During the pandemic, we basically had a choice between disposable surgical masks, protective but disastrous for the environment, and washable masks made of fabrics therefore much more ecological, but almost ineffective or at least very unequal. This was before the arrival of the etrëma masks, whose flawless protection is matched only by the scrupulous care for the environment with which they were designed. The FRËTT

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Why reusing disposable masks is a truly bad good idea

For several months, the media have been reporting that the small single-use blue masks that have invaded our faces and our environment are washable up to 10 times, while many are already using the same one over and over again for weeks or even months. Yet, due to the reduced filtering power of disposable masks on the fine particles (the most hazardous), and the plastic microfibres they release over time,

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etrëma by Frëtt Solutions

Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings

Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings Finally a real protective alternative to disposable masks The technological breakthrough and vision of this Canadian company pave the way for washable, CDC-recommended face masks compliant with AFNOR and ASTM standards.   Following 18 months of R&D and production, Frëtt Solutions has become the first company worldwide to market high performance face coverings that can be washed over 100 times

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How do our masks protect you?

How are you protected? The combination of textiles in our multilayer filtration medium * helps to protect the wearer of the mask (you) in addition to others. All our masks are tested by the Robert-Sauvé Health and Safety Research Institute (IRSST) and meet 100% of its performances’ criteria.     Here are more details: 1 & 4 The inner and outer layers are made of moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics This ultra-light

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A new Quebec attestation program for the regulation of the manufacturing of non-medical masks dedicated to the workplaces

Frëtt Design and its Frëtt Solutions division are pleased to witness the creation of a formal Quebec attestation program that will allow workers to wear reusable (washable) non-medical masks recognised by the Standards Commission on Equity, Health and Safety in the Workplace (CNESST) and certified by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).   “Aware of  the necessity to reduce the use of certified procedural or medical masks, quantities of

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A $3,500 donation for Mourning-Youth

Frett Design, through its division, is extremely proud to partner with the organization Deuil-Jeunesse for the project to produce high-performance barrier masks. Since April, a sum has been taken from each sale of masks in order to be able to offer financial support to this Quebec organization that offers services everywhere, for any type of mourning of young people, but also for the young bereaved who remains in the adult.

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ACTUALITÉS WEB Frëtt Solutions 1140 X 572 - ACTU 1 VS 300

Reusable masks vs. disposable masks

Frëtt Design of Caplan in Gaspesie is looking back on its successful new division business venture. In early April 2020, in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Frëtt Design created a new Research and Development division named Frëtt Solutions, in charge of the design and production of barrier face coverings. Reusable without limitation in the number of washes, ranked among the most effectives in Quebec, the

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