Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings

etrëma by Frëtt Solutions


Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings
Finally a real protective alternative to disposable masks

The technological breakthrough and vision of this Canadian company pave the way for washable, CDC-recommended face masks compliant with AFNOR and ASTM standards.


Following 18 months of R&D and production, Frëtt Solutions has become the first company worldwide to market high performance face coverings that can be washed over 100 times (800 working hours) and still meet the highest safety requirements of standard organizations such as AFNOR or ASTM International. Designer and CEO Michelle Secours is proud to release readily available reusable masks that include a fully integrated, highly-breathable and efficient filter capable of stopping a large range of submicron particles. This new technological and patent pending accomplishment was made possible thanks to numerous feedbacks and partnerships.

As a consultative member of many regional and international PPE regulating bodies, Frëtt Solutions is dedicated to providing eco-efficient, durable and high-performance face coverings to the general public and organizations with personal protection and of the environment at heart. 

These high performance, eco-efficient washable masks are the best way to replace single-use high filtration coverings. A single reusable Frëtt mask’s lifetime is the same as that of 200 disposable masks, meaning one Frëtt mask saves 97,8% of material used in production. With comparable if not better results in terms of overall protection and long-term vision for human and environmental health, these innovative products are stepping stones towards sustainable PPE options and ethical medical waste management.


« The numbers are so high the reality behind them is hard to conceive: the current global consumption of 2,400 billion disposable masks means we could circle the planet 12,000 times. »
-Monique Quesnel, Researcher at Frëtt


Due to the current 4th wave of Delta variant spreading across the world and because many contagious people are not being aware of their state due to not showing symptoms — something particularly salient among vaccinated people¹ — wearing masks in public is most effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 when compliance is high. Fortunately, Frëtt’s comfortable, breathable and well-fitting masks that maximize tightness around the face can truly act as a game changer. They are the effective missing link between disposable high-filtration options, and their untested, low-filtration regular-fabric counterparts. 

Designed and produced in North America in compliance with the highest labor standards and fair wage practices, this sustainable line of products ranks top of its class specification-wise. Frëtt’s etrëma masks are listed on the CDC and ISRP websites² as recommended face coverings. They also have undergone testing based on the ASTM F3502-21 Standard³, with the best compliancy results for reusable masks. Additionally, Frëtt’s production line respects strong environmental practices  – two useful life cycles, filtration free of any toxic products or coatings, partnerships with Canadian, U.S. and local companies, cascade use, recycled fabrics – making etrëma masks zero waste products.

Etrëma masks are currently available for wholesale and retail purchase online on Frëtt’s website (delivery in Canada and the US), as well as in a number of selected stores.

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¹ https://www.pnas.org/content/118/4/e2014564118

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³ Standard ASTM F3502-21 was created by the American Society for Testing and Materials, which assesses the overall performance of face coverings. For more information and detailed specifications please consult https://etrema.ca/


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