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REUSABLE and more PERFORMING than disposable certified masks.

The etrëma range of medical masks: the first in the world with the patented
ëncore® multi-layer technology, zero waste and washable 100X

  • Barrier effect (filtration + sealing) 2x better than disposable surgical masks
  • Excellent breathability, +35% breathable than disposable equivalent
  • 8 hours of comfort and ultimate protection
  • Certified to medical standard EN 14683:2019 Type IIR
  • Engineered for dentistry needs & meets ASTM F1862 Level 3 (160 mm Hg) for fluid resistance

100% Quebec, Canada  innovation

masque ëtech blanc homme haute performance

HEALTH CANADA Medical Device MDEL License 

Approval MDEL #22723

ëncore® Filtration Patented Technology

Tested in ISO 17025 certified laboratories, this textile innovation optimizes the barrier effect of
the filter media on fine particles and

protects its layers against mechanical wear

and fibre dispersion. Even after 100

maintenance cycles, it maintains air

permeability and filtration performance to

medical grade requirements.

Patented technology: PCT/CA2021/050539

Complies with standards and

  • North American ASTM F3502-21 
  • European, Certification for medical device: EN 14683:2019 type IIR Liquid resistance level 3 ASTM F1862 (160 mm Hg)
  • Meets all the requirements of the EN 149: 2009 FFP!

The etrëma mask protects us and the Planet:

In addition to its eco-responsible design, a donation of $1 per mask will be given to Earth Day Canada to support its environmental mission.

ëTECH masks are comfortable, have an excellent seal and are
splash resistant. Also, during the treatment, they stay in place, so I don’t touch them all the time.
-Dr. Jonathan Berdugo, dental surgeon


I’m in the taxi back to New York, with your mask on. I appreciate them very much in situations where I want maximum protection. I am delighted. Thank you very much for all your efforts for the planet.
-Sylvie Erb, Ostheopath


You have a great product. I will need to give you another order because a new doctor is joining the team. 
We are therefore 3 doctors using your masks ë TECH currently in our medical clinic in Quebec City and Lévis. 

-Julie, MD


Mask sheet

What is the maintenance method?

  • Machine wash, water ≥ 40-70°C. Cycle of 30 minutes minimum or sanitize with dry heat before each use (preheat before the oven to 93° C (200° F).
  • A combination of the two disinfection modes is also possible (eg 5 passages in dry heat for 1 machine wash).


37,50 $ CA

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30% cheaper

per use than a
disposable mask