The use of cloth masks in Quebec

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The use of cloth masks in Quebec has become an important part of the new normal. 

Fabric face masks are a type of face cover manufactured from lightweight, breathable materials such as cotton, polyester or propylene, which in turn are designed to cover the nose and mouth. 

Cloth masks in Quebec and in the world in general have been used to prevent the spread of viruses and other infectious agents that are transmitted through the saliva we expel when talking, coughing or sneezing. 

Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, its use became widespread in both children and adults, and although it is no longer regulatory, many prefer to prevent infection through this measure. 

Fabric masks are an alternative to disposable surgical masks or N95 respirators, which, while considered more effective in blocking disease transmission, may also be more difficult to obtain or less appropriate for certain environments.

In response to this need, multiple initiatives have arisen around the world that promote the use of masks as a necessary measure for disease prevention, but that also seek to reduce the impact of the ecological footprint generated by disposable masks. 

Aware of this need, Etrëma has developed innovative protection systems in each of our models of reusable face masks, which have three levels of protection. 

So, if you want to know all the functionality and benefits of cloth face masks in Quebec, stay with us and continue reading this article. 

What is the main function of fabric face masks?

Broadly speaking, the main function of fabric masks is to prevent the spread of respiratory-related diseases. They are designed to fit snugly over the nose and mouth and can be fastened with elastic bands or loops behind the ears or head.

Cloth masks were not originally intended to provide medical-grade protection against respiratory disease, but rather to help reduce the spread of saliva droplets and thereby protect others from exposure to related diseases. 

However, current technology has made it possible to incorporate filters capable of increasing their protective capacity, since some may even be treated with antimicrobial agents, which help eliminate or inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Cloth face masks in Quebec are generally recommended for use in public settings where social distancing is difficult to maintain, such as stores, public transportation and other crowded places. Also in situations requiring moderate physical activity, where using a limited barrier such as disposable masks would be counterproductive. 

Why use cloth masks in Quebec even though their use is no longer mandatory?

The use of regular or cloth masks did not begin with COVID-19. They have always been used in the medical environment to protect patients and medical personnel from pathogens that can be spread. 

Moreover, it should also be mandatory for people at higher risk of respiratory diseases, such as older adults and people with underlying health problems, to use them on a daily basis. 

In summary, cloth masks are an important tool in the fight against the spread of respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19, because they can help reduce the spread of saliva and protect others from exposure. They are also an effective and affordable way to protect yourself and others, especially when combined with other preventive measures.

How to use cloth face masks correctly in Quebec?

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It is important to follow proper usage guidelines when wearing a cloth mask in Quebec. This includes washing your hands before and after putting on and taking off the mask, making sure the mask fits snugly over your nose and mouth, and avoiding touching your face or the mask while wearing it. It is also important to change the mask if it becomes wet or dirty, and to wash or replace it regularly.

It is generally not recommended that a cloth mask be used as a substitute for medical-grade PPE in healthcare settings or other high-risk situations. Medical grade PPE, such as N95 respirators and surgical masks, are specifically designed to provide a higher level of protection against respiratory disease and are recommended for use by healthcare workers and others who may be exposed to infected persons.

However, as mentioned earlier, the use of fabric masks outside of medical settings provides the user with greater convenience and comfort. In addition, no other fabric mask has a technology as effective as ours

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