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For workers in contact with the public/health, medical performance

Very large interface for excellent breathability and filtration (superior to ë AIR and medical grade level 1).
The ë PRO mask fabric will not obstruct your mouth during speech or exercise. Ultralight, compact design similar to disposable masks but with 5 side pleats for enhanced leak tightness and ergonomy.
This makes the ë PRO a better mask than disposable ones in all his features. We need that for the Planet.
The ë PRO is our intermediate efficiency surgical mask. Less breathable than ë AIR but more filtering, the two are identical in their design.
EN 14683:2019 (Level-Type IIR)* / ASTM F3502-21** (LEVEL 1 & 2) / AFNOR SPEC S76-001 
The ë PRO mask meets HEALTH CANADA requirements as a Class I medical device (Health Canada MDEL Approbation License #22723) & complies with the requirements of the CNESST in all workplaces.


  • Medical grade aerosol filtration (greater than ë AIR)
  • Equivalent breathability to disposable surgical masks, better fitting design to reduce air leakage
  • Integral and firm nose bar against fogging of glasses
  • Adjustable elastic ear bands with possible additional accessories for optimizing protection while enhancing comfort.
  • Large amplitude from top to bottom for long faces 
  • Ultimate comfort, extended wear all day, minimum 8 hours per day
  • No decrease in effectiveness over time, to be washed after 1 day for hygiene


Always tested after 100 washes

Filtration particles (droplets from 0.8 µm)99,9 %  (EN 14683: 2019 IIR*)

Breathability (differential pressure):  44 Pa/cm2 or 4,49 mmH2O/cm2 (EN 14683:2019 IIR*) : similar to level I and more breathable than level II single-use surgical masks (ASTM F2100).

Liquid resistance penetration test: Compliant IIR Type with 31 resistant masks out of 32 at a pressure of 16,0 kPa (equivalency: ASTM Level 3 – 160 mmHg)

*The European standard, EN 14683:2019 is for masks for medical use (surgical & procedural). The ë PRO mask meets all Class I medical device requirements for level IIR up to 100 cares.

**ASTM F3502-21 test is performed on whole devices (masks) using NaCl particles at a flow rate of 85 LPM.  (as NIOSH)

The ASTM F2100 equivalency for ë PRO is Class I, Level 2 for filtration and breathability and Level 3 for synthetic blood splash resistance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ASTM F2100 standard has made recent changes (2023) for fine filtration (F2299). Requierements and test method are modified. Please go see what’s all about in our FAQ.

TESTED  in ISO 17025 CERTIFIED laboratories

Proudly created and manufactured in Canada

Logo Zero Waste

When worn out after personal use, mail the mask to us or put it in a dedicated collection box for 100 % recycling. Our plastic accessories are made with recycled polypropylene from our fabric scraps. The nasal strips are returned to us for reuse in production.

  • Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before putting it on and after touching it. Rinse and dry.
  • Handle the mask with the head harness or elastics for putting on and taking off. Avoid touching the inside.
  • Ensure the optimal fit of the mask to completely cover the nose and mouth, as well as to prevent leaks and avoid having to replace the mask.
  • Place the face cover over centred on your nose and mouth and the elastic bands around your ears ou head (depending on model). 
  • The edge with the metal wire insert must be on top and be worn on your nose.
  • Adjust the elastics while keeping the face cover well-centered.
  • Press the metallic wire onto your nose.
  • Ensure that you have a good seal around the face cover, loosen or tighten the elastics or bands if necessary.
  • Test for leaks. If you have glasses, put them on and if it is fogged, tighten the elastics or bands and / or press the nose wire more.
  • If necessary, use an accessory for the head circumference or to reduce the pressure behind the ears for more comfort. These accessories allow the mask to be tightened more, reducing leakage.
  • Do not touch the face cover again until you take it off.
  • After wearing your face cover, place it in a mesh bag, then a closed bag until you can wash it.
  • Check the condition of the face cover(s) after each wash. Restore it to its initial shape before hanging drying.  If any part appears worn, pierced, unstitched or damaged, it is then time to use a new one and discard this one. Unless it appears to be a stitch that can easily be repaired, you should dispose of the face cover in a zero waste box provided for this purpose.

Machine wash:

  • Machine wash: Regular cycle, water temperature ≥ 50-70°C or hot water. Minimum 30-minute cycle.
  • Use regular or natural detergent, no softener, no bleach, no additives.
  • Place in a mesh bag and wash with pale clothes that are not too dirty to increase durability.
  • For drying, tumble dry at high temperature, masks always in bag.


Dry heat maintenance:

  • Preheat the oven to 93°C (200°F); when the temperature is reached and verified with a thermometer placed inside the oven, put the mask(s) on a clean rack or parchment paper and leave for 30 minutes.
  • Take out of the oven and let cool for 5 minutes.
  • Mind the proximity or contact with heating elements.
  • Wash or safely dispose of the bag used to transport the soiled mask.
  • Store in a clean, dry place, avoid heat above 100°C (212°F).


Machine wash or dry heat before each use.

Combinations of both disinfection modes are possible as well (e.g. 1 machine wash every 5 dry heats ).

  • The user shall choose the proper model or proper size to cover their face from nose to chin and allow proper fit of the top, sides and bottom of the mask. (See the size chart)
  • It is recommended to change the mask if it is wet, visibly dirty, damaged or if breathing is difficult; moisture in materials affects breathability.
  • It is recommended not to wear a Frëtt Solutions etrëma mask for two consecutive days without washing or disinfecting it.
  • Wearing a mask does not replace hand washing, respiratory etiquette and environmental cleanliness. Wearing a mask should not reduce efforts to promote physical distance.
  • Not following cleaning conditions and safe use decreases the protection offered by the mask and increases the risk of infection. Frëtt Solutions or its retailers / representatives are in no way responsible for the consequences of improper use of etrëma products.
  • etrëma mask should not be placed on very young children (<2 years) or anyone who has trouble breathing, or anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  • etrëma medical masks with ASTM F3502-21 airflow resistance level 1 may not be suitable for children or adults who have difficulty breathing and barrier face covers with ASTM F3502-21 level 2 resistance to air flow is then recommended.
  • etrëma masks contain metal (copper) and should not be worn during MRI procedures.

Depending on environmental requirements and availability of washing/disinfection equipments, a minimum of 2 is recommended to allow a turnover.

Unlike disposable masks that must be changed every 4 hours maximum, the efficiency of etrëma masks does not decrease with the duration of use, no need to change them during the day. In workplaces, they must be washed daily for hygiene reasons.

The inner tracking labels allow to manually or digitally record the number of washes. Every mask has a unique numeric device identifier (UDI) which allows for easy traceability.

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  1. Produit de qualité supérieure qui permet de mieux respirer que les masques chirurgicaux. Doux et confortable, très facile à laver. Ressort propre de la laveuse comme neuf ! (recommandé de laver dans un filet)

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  3. Très satisfaite! La grandeur est exacte, la qualité est excellente et bien qu’il est un peu chaud, on y respire correctement.

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